How’s your life bouquet?

by Sheri McGregor, M.A., CPLC

If your life was a bouquet, what would it look like? Neat and tidy, with every bloom positioned for appreciation? Or overcrowded and bedraggled?

Just as a lovely mixed bouquet must have a balance of greenery and color, our “life bouquet” also needs a bit of balance. It can get scraggly over time.

A bouquet needs pruning back and removal of spent blooms to keep it looking and smelling good. And it’s the same with the bouquet of one’s life. . . .

As busy individuals, we have a wide variety of things to attend to. If we don’t evaluate from time-to-time, some of our life “flowers” get lost. In a too-busy bouquet, some flowers can get smothered down inside the neck of the vase. A sloppy, too-busy bouquet detracts from each flower’s beauty.

Balanced life: Evaluate your bouquet

Take a look at your life “bouquet.” Do some flowers need trimming to bring them back to life? Are some smaller joys not getting enough attention and becoming smothered by bigger (perhaps not so sweet-smelling) blooms? Do certain flower varieties no longer bring you joy? And what about the water? Is it murky or clear?

Today, give some thought to what’s going on in your life. Think of it like a beautiful bouquet. Prune out what no longer fits. Snip or re-shape whatever that needs more attention. And tug into the light some of the smaller joys that may be smothered by larger, not as pretty, “blooms.”

As for the water, when you take your shower, imagine the spray washing off any residue of regret or incompletion from what you’ve pruned away. When you step out, imagine starting fresh, like a tended bouquet – – and don’t forget to sniff the roses along the way.

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  1. So refreshing to read your post Ms Sheri.
    I feel so refresh and much awareness for my life now.
    “Self care is not selfish.”
    To plan for my holidays with enthusiasm.
    Best of all The JOY Bouquet. Very good example of ones life.

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