How coaching works

Working with Life Coach, Sheri McGregor

As your Life Coach, Sheri McGregor creates a positive atmosphere for your freedom of expression. Life coaching is a confidential and non-judgmental relationship based on trust. Sheri honors each individual for the unique music they bring – – or perhaps long to bring — into their own lives and to the world.

Although her coaching clients often come to profound realizations that help them gain momentum and step onto a more balanced, productive path, please be aware that life coaching is not therapy.

Sessions focus on your moment, are action-oriented, and with your commitment, will help you get into a better groove or move to the next level of peace, joy, and success.

Has a drab cloak of loss or grief shrouded the real you?  As your life coach, Sheri will celebrate with you when you cast it off.

Are you wearing a uniform that no longer fits?  Sheri will cheer you on as you don a better one.

We will work together to clarify your vision and goals. Then as your Life Coach, Sheri will:

  • honor you and your agenda with an encouraging ear
  • support and challenge you to meet your goals
  • work as your accountability partner
  • help you identify obstacles and find ways around them
  • provide objective feedback in a supportive way
  • celebrate your successes and victories
  • SAVE YOU TIME as you move forward


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