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Sheri McGregor life coach estrangement from adult children

Compassion and freedom

I read Sheri’s book, Done with the Crying, shortly after one of my sons estranged himself, his young son, and wife from our family. Our family has had quite a lot of trauma and loss which made the estrangement quite unbearable. My daughter had estranged herself several years prior, which encouraged her brother’s estrangement. I tried to cope the best that I could for about a year and a half after my son’s decision and realized that I needed to find a counselor or someone who could help me.  I remembered Sheri’s book, looked up her website, and discovered that she offers one-on-one coaching.

My visits with Sheri have been life changing for me. Sheri has the most calming presence, which put me at ease immediately. I had a desire to find someone that I could trust and feel comfortable enough to share my story with, which was the first step for me in healing and self acceptance. Because of my traumatic history, it took about three hours to tell my lengthy story.  Sheri is a compassionate, patient, and active listener.

As our visits progressed, Sheri helped me to have an awareness of self, exploring my thought processes, physical responses to those thoughts, and how I respond to stress and triggers. Sheri had some wonderful insights along my healing journey and shared techniques and exercises with me to assist in calming myself when triggered.

I once said that I was a human being and then I became a mom. The actions of my two estranged adult children left me feeling less than human.  I had dedicated all of my life to that role, so much so, that I really didn’t know how to function outside of it. It was excruciating to know that not one but two of my adult children had estranged themselves. With Sheri’s help I was able to move beyond feelings of rejection to the realization that my adult children were their own unique individuals whose decisions weren’t a reflection of me. I eventually was able to forgive them and to look at both of them with compassion and understanding, freeing them as they navigate their own journeys.

My goal when reaching out to Sheri was to be at peace regardless of what I couldn’t control, to accept the individual that I am outside of my role as a mom, and to heal from traumas from my past. Because of Sheri’s help, I have made exceptional progress towards those goals and will continue to work towards them each day.

I’d become stuck in grief and hopelessness, merely surviving. Sheri not only helped me move beyond my crying over my recently estranged adult child, but with the gentleness and patience of a good friend, helped me to truly appreciate and accept myself.

Sheri was just the person that I needed to help me move forward in my journey of healing and acceptance. I can’t recommend her enough to anyone who is navigating through the pain of estrangement.
~ Alicia, entrepreneur, Southwest United States, June, 2024

Back on track

After a devastating estrangement from my adult son which occurred at the same time as the death of my father, I floundered in despair and soul crushing grief. Once a creative person, my creativity and more importantly, my love for the creative process had dried up entirely. Also, a goal-oriented person, I set very few goals, and when I did, never met them. I knew I had to get beyond the estrangement, to find myself again, to become the creative person I was once more. Because for me, it’s the creativity that brings me joy and helps me feel young and alive. Having read Sheri’s books and following her articles on her website, I knew she was a life coach — this is what I felt I needed. And boy, was I right. After my work with Sheri, I’m back on track creating again, I am confronting my life better, I value myself, I am able to handle the ups-and-downs relationship with my now semi-estranged son, and I am approaching communication with other family members now in a healthier, more open manner. These were all issues I wanted to work on, and she guided me with kindness, compassion, and incredible insight. This was by far, the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. Thank you, Sheri, for being there. I wouldn’t be here right now, finally saying again that I’m happy, if it weren’t for you.
~ Karen C, Virginia, March 2024

life coach sheri mcgregor

In tune

“I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with such an outstanding life coach.  Throughout a series of sessions, Sheri has demonstrated the utmost professionalism and dedication to her craft.  Her extensive studies and independent research on various topics related to navigating difficult and chronic life situations were evident in every interaction.

One of her most remarkable qualities is her ability to truly listen.  She possesses the gift of being in tune with her intuition, which allowed her to guide our sessions with precision and insight. With her guidance, I was able to address and transform limiting belief systems, paving the way for profound personal growth.

Her support and encouragement were unwavering, providing the accountability I needed to take meaningful action in my life.  Additionally, her fresh sense of humor injected our sessions with lightness and positivity, making each encounter a joyous experience.

Above all, her genuine love and desire to help others shine through in everything she does. Working with her has been a transformative journey filled with compassion, empowerment, and genuine connection.  I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking positive change and growth in their lives. With deepest gratitude.”

~ Eugenia, March, 2024

life coach Sheri McGregorUnderstood

“I felt safe with Sheri. It’s encouraging to talk with someone who really ‘gets’ it.”
~ Nancy S., January 2024


working with Sheri McGregorSelf-Worth

“Working with Sheri McGregor has been a catalyst for my internal growth. I always leave the meetings changed in a way that shows me I deserve and am worthy of what I want. Our meetings have been like a decadent goody that you take a bite from and then put away, and you can’t wait to take another nibble, but then you do wait … because you savor it just as much in between.”

~ Michelle E., Retired psychology professor in Northeast U.S., December 2023

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Investing in myself

After allowing two of my four adult kids to reduce me to nothing but an automatic teller machine, always begging them to love me, I contacted Sheri McGregor to get life coaching and try to pull my life back together. Me and my savings account were beat up and my self-respect was waning. Sheri helped me identify some of the roots of my tendency to empty my pockets to my manipulative adult children. They had taken advantage of my generosity and needed to learn to stand on their own two feet. Sheri helped me to say “no” to their demands, regain my self-esteem, and see my own value. Those two are now fully estranged but it feels good not to be paying for their verbal abuse. In four months of working with Sheri McGregor I am making more money and am choosing how to save or spend it. For the first time in years, I am investing in myself and my future. Thank you, Sheri. I am forever indebted to you and look forward to our continued work. ~~Bev T., Illinois, October 2023


life coach Sheri McGregor

Better for the connection

After reading Sheri’s first book I contacted her as a life coach. She is fantastic! Loved working with her and highly recommend both of her books. I am better after our conversations and will always appreciate the connection.
~Mike Maxwell, Henderson, TX, August, 2023

Sheri McGregor

Big dreams … and the energy shift to support them

I haven’t seen or heard from my son since 2016 when he was trying to force me to pay for his college student loan bills.  The estrangement was soul crushing.  I blamed myself for how I reacted to my son at the time. I isolated myself and started drinking to disassociate from the feelings and stop the pain.

My work as a sales executive suffered and I lost my job.  I eventually found a job that was more secure but way below my skill level.  In the meantime, my son got married and I noticed they were expecting a baby.  All the pain started to come back and I knew I needed help to get through this rough patch and maybe reconnect with my son. That is when I found Life Coach Sheri McGregor.

Sheri is a godsend.  She listened and heard my story.  She let me cry.  She asked me probing questions not only about my son but also about the rest of my life. With her, I reviewed some of my history and began to observe where my current behaviors, actions and self-image intersect with my past. She helped me dissect my thoughts around problem areas like money, relations, career, and self-esteem. She then fed my thoughts back to me in a way that revealed my true powers.

Her skills and compassion have done more for me in 3 months than all my years working with trained psychotherapist.  She had shifted my energy from thoughts of despair over the estrangement to big dreams for myself.  I have recently taken bold steps to move up in my company and I am back in a Master’s degree program that I had previously abandoned.

Sheri is the perfect coach for anyone, especially people that are dealing with estrangement, trauma, and self-esteem issues.

~Liz M., Kansas City, KS, August 2023

estrangement coachLife is a gift to nurture

I contacted Sheri McGregor this past year because I was despondent over the incomprehensible and poisonous relationship with my adult son who is now in his early fifties. It has become clear that he has been carrying anger toward me since I divorced his alcoholic father nearly 40 years ago. I spent years shielding my son from his father’s narcissistic temper tantrums and emotional abuse and raised him without child support just to be free of the man. Unfortunately, in his teens, my son, who had been a darling child, began to mimic his father’s cruelty toward me. I forged on, working to put a roof over our heads in a decent neighborhood with good schools, and finding ways to make additional income to provide him with extras. He went on to become a financial success.
     When I reached my mid-seventies, I could no longer work full-time. My son offered me the use of a condominium he purchased as an investment property. I thought that was a turning point for us. Instead, the situation has fueled his resentment. His latest threat is that he may soon sell the place out from under me. At 81, I could be forced to move, and that’s a scary prospect.
     When I discovered Sheri McGregor’s book, “Done With The Crying,” I stayed up all night reading it. It was as if she knew me, my son, and everything about my situation. Not only had she surveyed thousands of parents but she had experienced parental estrangement personally. I was no longer alone. When I told my friends, they asked me for the name of the book because they had friends or family members who were suffering from the same kind of estrangement. It suddenly seemed like there was an epidemic out there. A week later I read her next book, “Beyond Done With The Crying” which gave me specific tools and exercises to deal with my situation.
     When Sheri and I began one-on-one coaching sessions, I told her about my shame, confusion, anger, and sadness. I felt stupid for still holding out hope after 40 years of my son’s abuse. I was still looking for the “why” and searching for reasons, wondering what I should have done differently, still trying to take blame. If it was my fault, then I could do things differently and make it better. But I realized I had done things “differently” for many decades and it hadn’t changed a thing.
     Sheri‘s voice and words were so supportive and we even laughed at times. I could actually feel some lightness flowing through the darkness. My feelings began to shift. I have come to accept that I do not know who this grown man is and that I am not responsible for the version of me that exists in his mind or the way he has re-written his childhood to villainize me. I am stronger and calmer, less envious of friends who have loyal loving families, and more appreciative of my other relationships. Some of these are even the adult children of friends. One tells me I have become a surrogate mother since her own mom, my friend, has passed away. Since my talks with Sheri, I have appreciated and nurtured these relationships more and more.
     I am learning to focus more on life beyond my tarnished relationship with the son I cannot trust. I’ve volunteered to work at an international film festival that’s held annually in my city, and with Sheri’s encouragement, have begun writing again and recently signed up for a course. I have more time and emotional space since I am not consumed with the wish for a relationship that evaporated decades ago, and even my humor is returning. I still have some tough days, but if I hadn’t loved the child so much, I wouldn’t be so hurt by the man he’s become. Sheri’s coaching and writings have helped me focus on ME, and I bounce back quickly now. Her words remind me that, even with the pain of estrangement, life is a gift and …..most importantly…. should be treated as such.
~ D. from MA, May 2023

life coaching Sheri McGregorPerspective, Forward Momentum

Our meeting times are special to me and keep me moving forward with both small and large personal goals, even if just small steps. I always look forward to your insight, your positive reflection and guidance. You have a very interesting perspective that I have not been able to find, along with the common estrangement piece in our lives.

M.M., entrepreneur, Arizona
April, 2021

life coaching Sheri McGregor“Wonderful”

We visited our son today for his birthday. We are estranged from his twin brother.

Because of your books and your life coaching, we were able to have a perfect visit with our other son. It was wonderful. You can publish that quote.

I owe you.

J., Attorney in Southern U.S.
Feb., 2022

“A Beautiful New Life”

In Grief there are Gifts… and Sheri McGregor is surely one of them.

A few months ago, I reached out to Sheri McGregor for Life Coaching. Sheri’s book, along with the coaching sessions, was life changing for me.

The magnitude of the loss I have had to endure is beyond belief. After the tragic loss of several immediate family members, I have lost both of my two sons through estrangement, who were poisoned and brainwashed against me by their father and step mother. This left me shell-shocked. I hit rock bottom. Their rejection of me had been so excruciating that I believed my life was meaningless. My life no longer had a purpose. There was no more curiosity and certainly no more joy. I wondered if I would ever be able to cope. At that point I realized that I could either shrivel up and die or I could choose life. And I chose life. The estrangement of my two sons propelled me onto a path of self- introspection allowing me to work with the grief in a conscious way that helped me to ultimately embrace the gifts inherent in the experience of having your heart torn apart and broken wide open.

Desperately seeking help and answers, I found Sheri McGregor’s book ‘Done With The Crying’. Reading her book felt like a miracle had happened. Prior, I had felt isolated, full of shame and fear that I would be judged a bad mother. Sheri’s uplifting book is an honest portrayal of a mother’s unconditional love and the deep eternal connection in the mother/child bond. Reading all the stories of other mother’s estrangements, I no longer felt alone and despondent.

Through our coaching sessions, Sheri made me understand the transformational opportunity in one of the most painful experiences a mother can have – the loss of a child through estrangement. She guided and taught me how to create emotional distance from the trauma of the loss by identifying and minimizing the triggers in my home and creating a soothing environment which would exude healing, beauty, peace and solace.

Feeling Sheri’s kindness and support, I could safely express and release my sorrow, fear and anger at the injustice, knowing how deeply and non-judgmentally she understands. Sheri helped me recognize and experience again the gifts life has to offer. She helped me heal and re-open my heart to love, compassion and joy, to forgiving myself and others instead of holding on to resentment or bitterness, instead of shutting down, and above all to be compassionate to myself. A beautiful new life lies on the other side of estrangement. She taught me to be gentle with myself on my journey back to wholeness. Through Sheri’s coaching I gained clarity about people and life and an ability to see through the lens of gratitude. She taught me that in letting go, I would allow peace and fulfillment back into my life, living in the present moment, rather than focusing on the past or worrying about the future.

Raising my sons, I always put myself on the back burner. Sheri encouraged and inspired me to move forward in my dreams, embrace my talents, make what is important to me top priority, to empower and nurture myself, to seek and see new possibilities. She gave me tools to integrate and navigate my way so that I emerge on the other side of this stronger, more resilient and filled with gratitude for my blessings.

Fashion Design and French teacher, Fairfield County, CT


I first found Sheri when I was stressed and unable to sleep. I was troubled and lonely because of the four-year alienation from my older son. I felt lost  He was not entirely out of my life but wasn’t the young man I had raised. I was upset over the distance between us, and when I did see him, I walked on eggshells, afraid if I said one wrong thing, I would lose him forever.

This took a toll on my health and lifestyle  At that point, I blamed the circumstances of my divorce of more than a decade ago, but knew I was a good, loving mother. I wondered: Am I the only one going through this?

I came across several books, not that many, but the one that stood out was by Sheri McGregor. The title alone drew me in, Done With The Crying, but when I read about her, I downloaded the book immediately. I felt that she spoke to my inner self,  my very similar pain and loss.

It was not easy reading the first chapters, reading other parent’s pain, similar to mine, but her wisdom and approach made total sense to me. I strongly encourage any parent going through such a loss to read her book, pause listen to your thoughts, and understand that you are not alone. Being strong and resilient and allowing the kindness to forgive yourself, and start living your life .

I emailed Sheri immediately after reading the  first two chapters, and we planned on phone chat sessions only after I promised myself to complete her book.

In our four phone sessions, her wisdom , compassion and understanding, and most of all her ability to listen, helped. I was propelled to start the healing process in a more compassionate and sensible way. I felt less desperate.

My son and I do talk now again, but only because  I process the whole experience differently than before. I  am happier, and my happiness is my responsibility. It is our children’s journey to do the same.

I thank Sheri for her wisdom and know that at any time I need her support she is there for me. I found she gave me some very important tools to understand how to cope, and I learned a new insight I never had before.

These days, I am by far more compassionate to others that deserve it and less tolerant of those who don’t. I don’t know what the future holds, how much healing will take place between my son and I.  I pray for a great resolution but I am a realist now, and understand that this is not all up to me. As the saying goes it takes two to tango. My son, too, must meet he halfway. But with the support of Sheri and my loving partner I feel stronger than ever.

Thank you, Sheri, for you kindness and your caring. You reached out to me on occasions when you did not hear from me, and that clearly says a lot of what type of person and mother you are!

I wish you continued success on your mission to heal parents.

With much love,
Cheryl W., Design Director in the textile industry, New York City
October, 2017


Never in a million years did I think it possible. I still wake in shock every day. I had no idea that pain could feel this intense. I have lost a beautiful, once loving son to estrangement. I experienced his “death” every day for 3 years with brutal cruelty in his mental illness until I wished to take my own life. I could not breathe.

In my search for meaning while frozen in pain, I found a book “Done With The Crying: Help and Healing for Mothers of Estranged Adult Children” by Sheri McGregor. The author’s words became my lifeline. I could not believe that someone wrote about how I felt and with such depth and clarity. Feeling connected provided relief and I was comforted by her insight. Most importantly, her written words moved me through my pain to a healthier way of experiencing estrangement. Her book is my bible and sits on my night table. I understand that this journey will be a lifetime process for me. And I will continue to move forward.

After contacting the author out of absolute necessity for me, I had the privilege of working with Sheri through her coaching service. She asked me for a commitment to change and this leap of faith has given me back my life. Sheri has helped me to confront my son’s estrangement with honesty, to think with my head rather than my heart, challenge my personal attitudes that have not served me well, take back control, and develop strategies to move beyond the pain and be present to enjoy “today,” with hope for my future.

My gratitude for Sheri’s generosity, insight, and kindness cannot be expressed in words. I am forever grateful to her in this period of extremity. It is an angel on earth who has the capacity to take the experience of her own pain in estrangement to help another with such selflessness.

My prayers for all parents who are suffering and their adult children who estrange themselves from those who love them most,

G. Mason, physician, Canada
September 2017

Life coaching brings hope for a renewed future

I highly recommend Sheri McGregor as a life coach.  She has offered me her insights and wisdom in a most positive and supportive manner. She has re-framed what seemed to be negative experiences into life-affirming narratives that underscore growth and positive character traits.  I like how she gives me assignments and goals each week, and I report back to her on my progress.  The writing assignments are so valuable; it is clear that Sheri reads them thoroughly as she responds with understanding and wisdom.  Sometimes she has startled me with entirely new perspectives on my seemingly impossible challenges, placing them in a context of possibilities for growth and change.  It is so pleasant to work with Sheri because she sprinkles her coaching with humor, stories, personal experiences, and memorable affirmations that resonate with me long after a coaching session. Overall, she has helped me shift my personal narrative from negative to positive, and instilled in me a hope for a renewed future.
Laurie L., Artist and University Professor

Life coaching for empowerment

If you want results, Sheri is your coach. You can count on Sheri to be a balancing and grounding presence. Her coaching style is soothing yet challenging. She holds you accountable while refraining from judgment. Sheri will go with you where you want to go and is flexible. She is intuitive and seems to know that all paths, even the seemingly unrelated, lead to the ultimate path of your empowerment. ~ Stephanie Gagos, Westchester New York

Freedom and forward momentum

Holding onto irritation and loss had me in quicksand. Life coaching with Sheri helped me to let go, get free, and take action. ~ B. Hilcox, Business Owner, Mesa, AZ

Life coaching to focus on the present

From the first session, Sheri helped me focus on the present, see some things that were bothering me in a new way, and figure out how to keep heading positively into the future. I am calmer and more at peace what’s ahead. ~ Lorinda, California

Life coaching for a healthy perspective

Kind, gentle, graceful guidance. That’s what I anticipate as I look forward to my weekly life coaching calls with Sheri. She never disappoints–always helping me gain a healthier perspective on different aspects of my life, whether career, family, or relationships. Sheri is a miracle in and of herself–and I’m so grateful she has taken the time and attention to help me navigate life! ~ Laura, writer and mom, Western Colorado

Life coaching for renewal and confidence

When I started working with Sheri McGregor as a life coach I didn’t know what to expect or what would come from the experience. I was skeptical, but committed to try 12 sessions, one per week. Sheri gives you a lot to think about! Her challenging questions enticed me to be fully honest with my responses. Yet Sheri’s gentle way as a life coach gave me all the room to breathe I needed. Her approach is non-threatening, accepting and direct. That’s a great combination. It fostered my growth.

Sheri and I have investigated being true to yourself, identity exploration, optimism, rigidity in conjunction with creativity, and personal identity and life purpose. Our work together has helped me be myself. One of the first gifts I received from Sheri McGregor’s life coaching was the confidence to follow my bliss. That involved being honest with myself during a time when it was challenging because of financial concerns. It’s not easy to live in a skin that’s too tight. That’s what I was doing. Sheri helped me shed that skin, transform and renew myself. Explore your most optimistic goals for yourself with Sheri McGregor. In just a month of working with her, I began seeing my aspirations materialize.
~ Debra A. Schwartz, Ph.D.
Educator and Freelance Journalist

Life Coaching for Awareness and Courage

Sheri is a very open-minded, caring life coach. She never forgets to acknowledge and encourage you. Sheri helped me increase my awareness, gain courage, and move forward. Sheri’s flexibility allowed me to make decisions and learn my real needs. Sheri’s life coaching style is very open and very client-focused. I gained and still gain a lot in every session. I find the life coaching sessions very rich. Her powerful questions help me gain insight and reflect deeply about the issue in question. I strongly recommend Sheri as a life coach. She is great.~ Galit, Montreal, Canada

Confidence and clarity

From the very first session, Sheri helped me to recognize I was already exhibiting the strengths I needed to move forward. Then she helped me fill in the gaps to my gaining time management, peace and power. I’m clear about where I’m headed. And I’m feeling more confident than ever! ~ Janihne Smith
Store Manager/Student, California