Take care of yourself

Taking care of yourself:  self-care assessment

Many of the life coaching clients I speak with are taking care of everyone else’s needs, but putting themselves last on the list. But we can’t give what we don’t have. And when it comes to stress, women are notorious at forgetting to take good care of themselves.Things like eating healthfully to nourish the mind and body, getting enough rest, participating in activities that bring us joy, and spending time with people who make us laugh can fall to the wayside.

If you’re feeling low in energy, low in spirits, are suffering stress, or are experiencing a loss or grief – – you may very well need to take notice of how well you are caring for yourself.

Taking care of yourself is part of living in balance and joy

Consider taking my simple self-care assessment, which can be accessed at the bottom of this article, to see how well you’re taking care of yourself.

To keep this simple, the Balance and Joy Life Coaching self-care assessment covers just four key areas, and takes only a few minutes to complete. The self-care assessment will give you a basic idea of where you’re doing well, and where you’re not – –  which will empower you with specific knowledge. Knowledge is then actionable.

My suggestion is to take the self-care assessment now, then set some specific goals for taking care of yourself in those areas where you need it most. Then, after a couple of weeks, check your progress by taking the self-care assessment again.

Life coaching to empower yourself, take control, and take action

If you want results, Sheri is your coach. You can count on Sheri to be a balancing and grounding presence. Her coaching style is soothing yet challenging. She holds you accountable while refraining from judgment. Sheri will go with you where you want to go and is flexible. She is intuitive and seems to know that all paths, even the seemingly unrelated, lead to the ultimate path of your empowerment. ~ Stephanie G., Westchester New York

Sheri most often works with parents of estranged adult children.  Take a look at her website focused on help and healing for parents of estranged adults (RejectedParents.Net). You’ll also find links to her popular books for parents of estranged adult children who are eager to find peace and move forward for their own good. Life coaching is all about empowering yourself with awareness, taking control, and taking action. If you’d like to explore life coaching with Sheri McGregor send a note using the form below. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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