How we will work together

Working with Life Coach, Sheri McGregor

To see if working with Life Coach, Sheri McGregor is right for you, please use the contact form below to receive more information and schedule a 15-minute complimentary telephone session.

A note from Sheri – –
I’m happy you’re considering life coaching, and look forward to working with you! It has been such a blessing for me to get to know so many wonderful people as you work toward goals, transform loss and grief, and to move confidently forward. My clients truly inspire me.

Once we agree to work together:  

  • The initial telephone session runs about an hour. We will identify the goals and outcomes you seek. Then, we develop a plan for future sessions, and your overall program. Most calls will run 45 minutes to an hour. Though negotiable, to reap the most benefit from life coaching, a minimum program duration of three months is recommended. However, this is not set in stone.
  • Subsequent telephone sessions focus on your progress, your goals, and getting past any obstacles.  Between sessions, I can provide email support. Or, on occasion, a quick between-session telephone call if necessary.
  • To stay on task, we will review your progress, revise and revision as needed.

To find out more about working with Life Coach, Sheri McGregor, use the contact form below to request a 15-minute complimentary session.